Saturday, October 29, 2011


Pain and sorrow cultivate the vast earth of your inner being,
so you can bring forth the beautiful flower o the desire to work for the happiness of others.

SGI President Daisaku Ikeda.

Top of the world

The key to winning is any endeavour to first over oneself.

We must win-
over cowardice,
over the tendency to give up,
over laziness.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not a commitment, but happiness

Few days ago, I had a long talk with my friend.It had been a long while since I've sat in the car and talked about everything and anything, regardless of it being interesting or not. The most important was my friend did inspired me with her mature mind set of thinking. I feel very comfortable while talking with her as I like to keep everything for myself. Until i found a right person to talk with.She told me that everything in our life takes heaps of effort, patient, compassion and understanding to strive for success. I truly understand anyhow one party has to sacrifice for other's sake of goodness. 

I don't want to lose a golden opportunity to swim in the big sea and become the king of the blue sea. I felt so ready to search again when the right time came. I expect a whole load of fun time fill with much laughter and joyous. During this period, i supposed have threw away everything and focusing on what I want. After all I will only have the power and deserve to bargain.

Do have a wonderful weekends. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's all about a pranksters

I'm going to on block soon. Miss them even though have to leave. I finally found my happiness after i stepped into it. They make my life become wonderful but miserable, so contradicting. I realized that what is life all about. They do made me cried when i saw them tortured by syringe and tube. All those tubing inserted all over the body. They will not despair no matter how suffer they are, it's paramount in order to ensure that they are willing to brace for it and get well soon. Promised to meet again.

“Give them the world.”

And every once in a while,
when golden sunlight filters through the cracked blinds of your office,
brightening it up at such an extreme angle-
I can still catch that globe spinning.

The papers lay untouched, in a neat stack on your desk.
And your bed is still unmade- ruffled up sheets and pillow cases
serving as planned out constellations and landmarks,
all arranged perfectly, from which you drew your chart.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I had been isolating my blog for a couple of months.So, today i'm going to reactivate it. Actually i got no idea what to write but I'll try my best to squeeze out something.First and foremost, sorry that this picture i suppose to post it earlier but i got no time. So, i will just roughly mention about it.

2010- Christmas's celebration with comrades as well as sweeties.

We celebrated at one of the cafe with those dim lights and peaceful environment. We chat a lot, non-stop talking and sharing with each other. The dim lights did a great job on getting our
heart intimate to each other. I realized that, besides family, friends are always the one who always help me when I'm in trouble. Special thanks to Dorris.

They are willing to be my audience and lend me their shoulder to hold on. Some of us knew each other for 10 years. We treat each other like siblings. I'm telling the truth. Sometimes I do miss the time when we're in secondary school. Play,eat, sleep, cry, laugh,sing,shout and do everything together . As we get older, we know that we have to be separated cz we have our own life now. Yet, our soul still stick with each other. We do appreciate the moments that we spent together and our friendship. Thanks, my sweeties.

This is the place where i had been for one month. (Tun Tan Cheng Lock College Of Nursing)

My friends were wondering where i had been because they couldn't contact me for one month. Haha...some of them said i have already disappeared until I reveal myself then only actually they know i went to study. I can still remember the first day i stepped into TTCLCON, I realize that this is the place that i suppose to be. I had enthrall by the uniform badly as I'm a uniform aficionado. Life is very subtle, sometimes we don't know we might do things beyond our expectation.Having an intuitive physical leading me to be here, perhaps.

The first week was the orientation by seniors. It was an exhausting week indeed. My seniors have to brief us about the rules and regulations. This college is totally different from other colleges and I can said that this is one of the top prestigious college in town. This college is very particular in discipline and it is a full time course. What do I mean by Full Time course?

Yeah, of course, every college is running full time courses, but what I'm trying to say is that, our lesson's duration is from 8a.m to 4p.m. Every Monday to Friday and Sat we do have lessons but until 12.30p.m and now I'm bracing for it. So, what do you think of this statement?( Just my persomal opinion) Is that every college have full time courses?I wonder.Seriously, I ought to be proud of myself as an Assuntarians.

Smart right?

These are the Chinese girls in the class.

Our motto is "MOTIVATED TO LEARN, ASPIRE TO SERVE". We want to help those clients who are debilitated. We want to dedicate our love and conscience in it. This is all about responsibility once we put on our uniform. As a nurse, we must really line on our profession and reach the heart, as well as mind of the clients.We must always lend a helping hand and save someone's life because no matter how advance technology gets in nowadays or in future, nurses are the one who always stand infront and be their friend and family during their crisis and hard time. I realize when I see individuals fighting to stay alive, it makes an impact that every breath that we breath in, is a gift from GOD.Isn't it?

I'm a person who like to talk, indeed. And this is the time that usable when come to this profession. I can deal with different broad range of ethnics, cultures,religions, genders and different backgrounds. As nursing is a fast-pace and multi-tasking job, so we are able to enter into a brief and meaningful relationship with others during hospitalization, respond well in critical and hazardous situations. No matter how bad your mood is, you still have to smile when you meet with client. This is what a professional nurse is.

Now you guys know how enthusiastic I am with this profession.

Happy belated Chinese New Year to all of you. I'm not going to write about how was my CNY because this year was really a monotonous CNY for me. (no cny mood at all) No matter what, it's still considered as new year and life for me. Forget about what had happened in the past and concentrate on the coming days.

When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best...
And...always look on the bright side of life...
Always look on the light side of life.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

fragile hope..

It is almost night here. What about there?
The temperature here is kind of cold. What about there?
Everything here has changed. I have become sensible.
I have begun writing diary entries again. What about you?

It is almost dawn here. What about there?
It is really hot here. What about there?
Everything here has changed. I have stopped crying.
I have kept the photos. What about you?

we were still together, what would it be like?
Will we still be deeply in love with each other?
Like when it started,
Holding hands even if it is almost dawn.
What would it be like if we were still together?
Would we still be hiding things from each other?
Like when it ended,
Although you knew you did no wrong,
you asked for me to forgive.

I wont forgive.
How do i forgive?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Their fate

What do you think about this cute baby?

From the newspapers lately, we noticed that baby dumping had become a hot issue in Malaysia. Nowadays when we read the newspaper, we can see many innocent babies had been dumped and buried alive and not surprising that the numbers are escalating. I feel very pity for those new born baby and angry at the same time as many women wish to pregnant and have a baby but actually they are not capable. They wish to have their own children badly.

Obviously we can know that those who dump babies do so because of desperation and normally young girls. They scare to be discriminated by others and scold by their parents after the incident is revealed, so they decided to dump the baby. This is actually what the government feels sad and worry about. Due to the baby dumping's problem are escalating, government had set up a ‘school of hope' for those unmarried pregnant teenagers. As we know, government setting up this school is to curb cases of illicit sex among baby dumping among the teenagers.

I personally do not agree with this policy. This is because this policy gave those teenagers have a wrong insight as they might thought once they get pregnant, they can straight away go to the 'school of hope' and give birth instead of get married and be responsible in their behaviour. So, setting up school of hope just like encouraging teenager to have sex with their partner without care or worry about the consequence. This might cause promiscuity among the teenager.

Recently I had read an article about a girl have sex with three guys at the roof of an apartment. What a ridiculous behaviour? And the girl died from falling down from the roof when she escapes once the police appeared. What I want to mention is the girl was only 12 years old, if I’m not mistaken. This is still considering as under age. Her life was ruined by the word of SEX at the same time implicated a baby life.

Have they ever thought of having sex in the young age often ruin their chance of having a good career and a bright future? There is a research and discovered that most of the western country's teenager had lost their virginity among aged 14 to 18. They consider themselves as an adult. This is totally different view from our Asian country. We consider it as destruction of the culture and civilisation. Despite I'm a quite open-minded person, but I totally disagree with their -western concept and thinking.

As we noticed, prevention is better than cure. At these critical and harsh phenomena, government, parents, education figures and public should start to look at this issue seriously. Especially parents, they should spend more time with their children and keep an eye on them. Talk and communicate with them sporadically. During their teenage years, what they need is care and guidance.

Parents should talk with them patiently and it will gradually build up the relationship between one another. As a result, parents have a big role in making sure that their kids don't become a social and school dropouts. It's a fact that behind every champion and good kids are very supportive parents. Good parents will produce a good product. Love your parents, love your child, love your baby, love the earth and love everything that should be loved.

Simply say that, no one can help us but ourselves. I think many of you will agree with this statement. No big deal, just want to express my feeling that had buried in my heart for such a long time. Last but not least, " Before someone's tomorrow has been taken away, cherish those you love, appreciate them today.''

Say no to SEX before married. It will ruin your life and........